beautiful day
vicarious happiness... imagine you're the ultimate U2 fan, and you somehow wiggle your way frontstage center (with your camera!) to watch them receive their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award!!... happened to the most deserving person we know last night.


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the perfect storm
these photo's Spinach Dip took of this Monday's storm capture a snowy evening in the Lower East Side perfectly. love the lighting, simplicity and New York feel...



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some weeks PhotoFriday's topic is inspiration to throw up a favorite photo that we've recently taken. but part of the fun of PhotoFriday's site is that sometimes reading the topic can be like getting a "photo assignment" and it makes you have to get out and find a fitting image. living in NYC, we didn't have much at hand last Friday that fit "Rural". but cruising through a small town in upstate NY this weekend the topic sprung to mind and we quickly hit the brakes to snap this shot...


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LES snow
shots of "Storm 2005" from around the lower east side and east village. after a storm in NYC the sanitation department pushes the snow together into massive piles (some 2 stories high) to be scooped up and trucked away.



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dim lights big city
looking up 2nd Avenue in the mist last night...


more misty NY shots

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damage and grief
all over the news today is the tragic story of the killing of Dimebag Darrell and 3 others at a Damageplan show last night in Columbus, Oh. all reports are that Dimebag Darrell was a great guy in addition to being a legendary Metal musician. it's an incredibly sad story. but it really hit us as we walked to work through Times Square today and caught this touching and moving scene as this young man stood holding his sign up to traffic hoping for a connection with other grieving fans...


we stopped to exchange a few words and "he lives on" moment. the kid was very cool. we wished him the best, as we walked away he went back to his post. fucking love this city man.

check out Brooklyn Vegan's coverage today for an intimate unfolding and excellent set of links with more info.

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stinky New Jersey
growing up around NYC, northern New Jersey always seemed like “the 6th borough”. we felt right at home there, the kids were tough, the towns dark and weird, and the pizza was great.


exiting the Lincoln Tunnel and heading south on the NJ Turnpike – there’s an area packed with massive oil refineries. as you drive through, without fail, your car fills with the noxious smell of rotten eggs. our family endearingly called this area “stinky New Jersey”


but once you got off the Turnpike and onto the Garden State Parkway, central NJ was a different story. our summers were devotedly spent on the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore. here, we thought of New Jersey as “Vacation Land”! and grew to love the place so much that we were mystified and pissed-off when we heard comedians dump on the state.

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some car window impressionism as we hit the road. back next Monday. have a great holiday everyone!


(and don't forget to hit Micheal Simon's opening party! cool art and free drinks - 7:00 pm at 136 Wooster. for more info see "meet the artists" below)

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have a glowball!
until Monday, we leave you with the swirling patterns of the mesmerizing GLOWBALL...


(disco-glowball lives at the Tainted Lady Lounge in Williamsburg)

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road rulez
when you're born and raised in da city, hitting the open road holds a little magic...


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halloween in NY rocks




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after weeks of drills, real terror has hit 42nd St - Frankenstein is going DOWN!


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broken heart found carved in old picnic table in new york park (this week's PhotoFriday submission)...


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better in the burbs
growing up in NYC we always spent Halloween at our cousins in the burbs, trick or treating just doesn't cut it in the city.


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the weather forecast said rain, so it was a lovely surprise to see the sky on fire at sunrise...


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night rider
we never get tired of taking drive-by shots of NYC's bridges. the GWB is a favorite...


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photo finish
Photo Friday, a site we previously profiled, has a cool challenge today called "2 by 4" (more info below on the rules) here's our submission...


"the "2 by 4" Extra Challenge: Start outside your location (could be your home, school, workplace - it's up to you.) Travel two units straight in one direction. Turn to your right and travel 4 units. Wherever you are, your mission is to creatively interpret your surroundings. Bring back and post photographic evidence to your website"

we started in our office (waited until it got dark out), walked out 2 cubes and then turned right and went 4 cubes over. ended up at a window over looking 42nd St and capured the Friday night street life below.

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midnight walk in the LES
sampling of a late night walk with Buddy thru our hood...
- check out some naked people doin yoga through the Bikram windows


- hey there's a new Kebab place on Rivington and Orchard. $5.95 for a falafel? fugeddaboutit!
- Essex St Market looks eerily peaceful in the street lights at night


- Arlene's Grocery and Rosario's pizza are jumping at this hour


- read some new flyers (this sign says the NY Marble Cemetery is having a free open house this Sat and Sun from 10-4. a cool October weekend thing to do, absorb local history, take some pics and check out the old tombs)
- grab a pint


home again home again diggity-dog

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scene stealers
jumped on our favorite V-Lounge this morning


and were snapping some photos of the deserted train, when we noticed something vaguely familiar about the Kenneth Cole "Reactionaries" ad campaign splattered across the car. although not as edgy, there's an eerie similarity to the PolaroidScene's website...


and insult to injury, it seems the got some bullshit cease and desist letter (we can't get the main page to load today, but check there for the full scoop)

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Orchard St undies
we were talking to a friend the other day who, like us, grew up around NYC and remembers trips to Orchard St for stocking up on underwear. the reminiscing gave us a pang to snap some of those great old shops before, LES yuppification wipes them out. it's shocking how much is gone. there's only a small handfull of stores and signs left of the Orchard St we remember from years ago...




not much online about Orchard Street's history. the Lower East Side Business Improvement District website has some good info and old photos. and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum is packed with LES history. and the museum's a cool place to visit, and especially fun when combined with your own Lower East Side Food Tour!

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100 miles up the Hudson River
about 100 miles straight up the river, north of NYC, lies Olana, the magnificent estate of Hudson River School artist Frederick Church.


a friend of ours likes to say "the Hudson River School artists were the ROCK STARS of their time", as throughout the 1800's their highly romantic style and "use of light effects, to dramatically portray such elements as mist and sunsets" broke new ground and moved the nation. walking through the beautiful Olana woods last weekend to watch the sunset with friends, it was easy to see how these artists were inspired to create this moving style.




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neon bridge
the lights of the GWB shine our way home...


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55 mph impressionism
sunset through the trees caught out a speeding car's window on Riverside in the Bronx. we're getting out of town, cya next week...


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a striking bridge in any light...
GWB drive-bys. growing up in NY, the cities bridges always signaled a return to home.


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here she comes again
goodbye Alex, hello Bonnie. another f’in weekend of rain. this photo was shot last Friday as the remnants of hurricane Alex blasted in. forecasts expect Bonnie to produce a wicked deja vu tonight...


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bomb scare at the Clear Channel building
at approximately 12:40 this afternoon the Clear Channel owned Candler Building at 220 W 42nd St. was evacuated due to a suspicious package being found at the W. 41 St. entrance to the building. also resulting in an evacuation of the 42nd St McDonald’s and closing of various blocks leading to the 41 St. entrance. the package was cleared by the NYPD bomb squad and workers let back in at 1:25 pm



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summer beauty
hidden pond lily paradise discovered 2 hours outside of nyc (taken by our "Tiger" friend above:-)



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headed out on a highway
looking for adventure in whatever comes our way


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Beautiful (creepy, and compelling)
the new Christina Aguilera billboard to raise voter registration is fan-fucking-tastic! startling, thought provoking, and smack in the middle of Times Square for millions to see. the bold, in-your-face Billboard is hard to miss, adding a fitting backdrop to the TS craziness. it's sponsored by a GREAT organization - Declare Yourself - a movement to raise voter registration.


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Hallmark of Safety
more preparation for the RNC... drills going on all over the city and in Times Square today.


follow CityRag's coverage of the Times Square and New York security drills - June 23, July 1, July 16 pt. 1, July 16 pt. 2 and guide to RNC Protests

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feeling New York City
nothing like a morning walk on the lower east side. so much to see. so many pics to take...




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it's fire drill day in NYC!
yet another Times Square "security drill" today. but this one featured various bomb squad and fire trucks blazing up and down the streets at high speeds. we were gonna skip the pics this time until this one almost hit us as it practiced the - drive into oncoming traffic - maneuver. dam our low res camera... but you can see the giant flag attached to the back of the fire track waving as they blew by us...


this morn we also passed fire team and bomb squad maneuvers going on around the police/fire dept tents that have been set up next to NYU hospital for a couple years now.

previous coverage:
CityRag - Times Square Security Drill
CityRag - Times Square Smack Down
Gawker - Fresh Air! Times Square! Terror Scare!
Gothamist- "The Politics of Terror"

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rainy walk in the LES
graffiti colors seem to pop on gloomy day, from a walk across Stanton and up Suffolk this morning, even found a rainbow...




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as we skate off into the sunset
all the pics on cityrag are taken with a 7 year old, 1.3 megapixel, no zoom, piece of crap camera. that's been dropped one too many times. if anyone can suggest a digital camera in the $400 range (that you know and love) we'd be very grateful.
have a great weekend everyone!


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Midtown faces
back to work, and biz as usual in midtown...




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Times Square Smack Down
Oops they did it again - these are not more photos from the security drill we shot last Wednesday - there's another massive drill going on right now. live from Times Square...


"just a drill"



mayhem x 2 = peace of mind?...



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oh you beautiful city...
manhattan and brooklyn bridges glimmer through beer goggles as we find our way home last night...


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ESPN Dream Job open casting call - live from Times Square...
this morning ESPN kicked off a month long, 8 city casting tour for "Dream Job" at their Times Square Zone location.


turn out was much better than the Virgin Billionaire casting call last month. good sized crowd, mix of interesting people, this one looks hopeful...


open casting call continues tomorrow from 8am - 6pm at the ESPN Sports Zone on 42nd and Bway!

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Times Square Security Drill
we were late for work for this one... cop cars line the street up and down Times Square (11:20 am Wed.) sirens are still going off out our window. here's what we know: all cops approached told us it's a standard, planned security drill. will skip the editorial for now and let the pics speak for themselves...







(check out the brilliant headline from and if you're following an old link, we posted an update that included pic of a 2nd drill a week later

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Sunset over Brooklyn
from the Williamsburg Bridge - 8:30 pm Sunday, 6/20



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scientists discover the foot gene
happy father's day from Brooklyn...


a beautiful weekend in the LES and all over NYC. coming up later this week...
- Sugar Sweet Sunshine profile & pics
- another Babyland story (getting Mila drunk...)
- new waterfall sculpture in Carroll Gardens
- Fights Happen and Buddy The Wonder Dog updates

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42nd St and Broadway - 11:00 am this morn...


yeeeehaw! we LOVE NEW YORK

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Moving Images
pics out the car window...

crotan reservoir


west river


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a 24 year young man died last week on the lower east side. candles were lit, bottles poured out and other tokens left in tribute and memorial.

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Invincible Spirit


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Billionaire casting call (an early warning sign?...)
you'd think the Billionaire open casting call at the Virgin Mega Store in the heart Times Square NYC would have a great turn out... you'd think. listed as an 11am-6pm call (on a Thursday, 5/20), there were lots of police and barricades, even a Times Square traffic alert was issued to local buildings.

but at 12:00 noon there was under 20 people in line. lots of space, take all the time you need.


at around 1pm the line had dwindled down to about 12 people. the barricades extended to the end of the block but the line never extended past the edge of the store. many people looked, er, a little old to be "young would-be billionaires".


even the cops walking by were joking with the cops hired for "mob control" at what an easy job they had. make you're own predictions...

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